Brazil international airports map

International airports in Brazil map. Brazil international airports map (South America - Americas) to print. Brazil international airports map (South America - Americas) to download. Air transportation is highly developed. In 2001, local and international airlines transported 34,285,600 passengers. In 2001 there were an estimated 3,365 airports, of which 665 had paved runways. Of the 48 principal airports, 21 are international; of these, Rio de Janeiro Galeao international airport and Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport are by far the most active as its shown in Brazil international airports map. The main international airline is Empresa de Viaçao Aérea Rio Grandense (VARIG). Other Brazilian airlines are Transbrasil Linhas Aéreas, Cruzeiro do Sul, (associated with VARIG since 1983), and Viaçao Aérea Sao Paulo (VASP), which handles only domestic traffic and is run by the state of Sao Paulo. All except VASP are privately owned.

International airports in Brazil map

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Most international flights must go to Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo or Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro as its mentioned in Brazil international airports map. Belo Horizonte is the main international airport outside Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A few go to Brasília, Recife, Natal, and just recently Fortaleza has accepted international flights. With South American integration, more airports can be expected to open to international flights.