Brazil beach map

Map of Brazil beaches. Brazil beach map (South America - Americas) to print. Brazil beach map (South America - Americas) to download. Brazil most famous beach sits right in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana as its shown in Brazil beach map is a beach for people watching (and a favorite of South American models and actors), water sports including surfing, and entertainment. Ilha Grande (Big Island) was once used as a quarantine place for people with leprosy, its main beach is Lopes Mendes, a white, sandy stretch of coastline famous for its surfing. If the constant go-go-go energy of Copacabana seems a bit much, nearby Ipanema beach is a good alternative. Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the world (in part thanks to the unforgettable The Girl from Ipanema bossa nova song), Ipanema is classier and prettier than Copacabana, more about swimming and enjoying the sun than about non-stop action.

Map of Brazil beaches

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Armação dos Búzios (or Buzios, as it is better known locally) sits north of Rio de Janeiro and it is a favorite among international celebrities. While the South American jet-set heads to Copacabana and other popular beaches, international stars wanting some privacy favor Buzos. Aside from the white sands and the great sport-friendly winds, the main attraction in Jericoacoara beach is the sunset as its mentioned in Brazil beach map. Visitors often come here to sit on the beach to watch the sun sink straight down into the ocean. Praia Mole (Mole Beach) nearby is a major surfing destination, but this tiny beach - just under one kilometer long - also offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Praia dos Ingleses and Santinho Beach are also great destinations. They sit next to each other, separated by rolling golden sand dunes.