Brazil highway map

Map of Brazil highway. Brazil highway map (South America - Americas) to print. Brazil highway map (South America - Americas) to download. Brazil has 1,751,868 kilometers of roads, 96,353 km of them paved and 1,655,515 km unpaved. That means that only 5.5% of the roads are paved and that 94.5% are unpaved as its shown in Brazil highway map. The most important highway of the country is the BR-101, which crosses 12 states. The country has a low rate of car ownership of 140 per 1000 population, however in comparison to the other developing economies of the BRIC group Brazil exceeds India and China.

Map of Brazil highway

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The Brazilian Highway System is the highway system of Brazil, the fourth largest in the World[citation needed]. As of 2010, the system consists of almost 2 million kilometers of roads, of which approximately 200,000 km are paved as its mentioned in Brazil highway map. As it is in the United States, Canada or most countries in Europe, larger/wider highways have higher speed limits than normal urban roads (typically between 80 km/h and 120 km/h), although minor highways, unpaved highways and sections of major highways running inside urban areas have a lower speed limit in general. The national blank speed limit for cars driving in non-urban roads is 110 km/h unless otherwise stated, regardless of the road design, weather or daylight. Annually, it is estimated that more than 1.2 billion people travel in the Brazilian highways (against the 120 million travelling in airlines).